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Bild von Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop

Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

»Berlin's industry represents innovative ideas, intelligent products and sustainable solutions for the future. This mix is an ideal breeding ground for the emergence of urban technologies that will make life in big cities more efficient and ecological, and thereby more liveable.«

Bild: © Hoffotografen


Bild von Michael Müller

Michael Müller

Governing Mayor of Berlin

»Industry in Germany's capital is smart, forward-looking and well-positioned internationally. With openness, curiosity and a joy of experimenting, it is tackling the challenges of digital transformation head on.«

Bild: © SPD Berlin | Joachim Gern


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Within the government of Berlin, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is responsible for economic policy and the settling of companies in the capital, as well as for promoting energy and for public enterprises and structural policy. The head of the department is Senator Ramona Pop.

The Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the business development bank for the State of Berlin. With its support of the local economy, it actively contributes to the development of Berlin as a business center. In the field of real-estate development, the IBB is an expert consultant for all financing questions concerning real estate.

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